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Showing ID 088GNE0001
Name Stevens Head
Development Stage Reconnaissance
Geological Province Arctic, Interior & Hudson Platforms
Latitude Longitude 75.5808 -117.2128
UTM NAD27 Zone 11 8388200 N 494170 E
UTM NAD83 Zone     N   E
NTS Map Sheet(s) 088G10
Location Source: Government Report Accuracy 3000 Metres
General Comment This is a coal occurrence. The location is estimated from a topo map based on the description provided in GSC Memoir 332.
Access Comment This occurrence is located at Stevens Head, on a lobe along the western of Melville Island, NWT. It is located about 700 kilometres northwest of Cambridge Bay, NU.
Commodity Rank Anomalous/Economic Ore Minerals
Coal 1 A n/a

Mineralization Comment  
Structure Comment  
Deposit Characteristics
Rank of Showing Observed Ore Mineral

Lithology Sediment
Relationship to Mineralization Mineralized
Stratigraphic Age Devonian

Lithology Comment

Geological Setting

Capsule Geology The area is underlain by northeast-southwest trending Paleozoic strata. The coal is reportedly found in the Beverly Inlet Formation (formerly known as the Griper Formation - GSC Bulletin 472), Middle to Upper Devonian in age. These rocks are comprised of sandstone, siltstone and shale.

Coal occurs in a disintegrated outcrop in a creek flowing into Kellett Strait at Stevens Head, Melville Island (GSC Memoir 332). A sample of the coal was collected and analysed and is ranked as high volatile B bituminous. Much of the coal here was in pieces up to 4 inches in size and it was felt that was probably the width of the seam in the area.


Type DIAND NWT, Geology Archives Unpublished Report pre-1999
Number 1973CAINEDate 01/01/1973
Title Coal In The Arctic Archipelago
Author Caine TW
Comment This showing is number 65.

Type Geological Survey of Canada, Bulletin
Number 472Date 01/01/1995
Title Melville Island's salt-based fold belt, Arctic Canada
Author Harrison, JC
Comment This reference contains information about the changes to the previously documented Griper Formation of Tozer and Thorsteinsson.

Type Geological Survey of Canada, Memoir
Number 332Date 01/01/1964
Title Western Queen Elizabeth Islands Arctic Archipelago
Author Tozer, ET and Thorsteinsson, R
Comment Page 88 gives a description of the coal occurrence and page 225 and 226 has the analytical data. This is coal sample #2 in the analyses chart. Twenty-four species of spores were identified in coal samples from this location.

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