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Megatype Government Scientific Publication; NTGO Publication
Type NWT Open File
Number 2005-03
Filing/Pub Date 2005-05-11
Release Date
Title Digital Geological Atlas of the Wecho River Area
Succession supercedes 2004-003; supercedes 2005-001
Author Ootes L, Pierce K
Territory NWT
NTS 085O01; 085O02; 085O03; 085O07; 085O08; 085O10; 085O15; 085O16
Bounding Box
Latitude min: 63
max: 64
Longitude min: -115.5
max: -114
Geographic Area Wecho
Period of Work From To
Target(s) of Exploration None/Any
Publisher Northwest Territories Geological Survey (formerly Northwest Territories Geoscience Office)
Availablity Distributed by NTGO
Medium Digital File(s) 499MB in 44 folders and 1083 files
Miscellaneous Research
Report and Map
No Digital Data
Comment The Wecho River project area is located 100 kilometres north-northwest of Yellowknife, NWT, within the southwestern Archean Slave Structural Province (eastern half of NTS 85O). Field mapping during 2003 focused on the northern half of the Wecho River area, in NTS 85O/9, 10, 15, and 16. In 2004, field mapping focused on the southern half of the Wecho River area, in parts of NTS 85O/1, 2, 3, 7, and 8. Previous mapping by Lord (1942) and Yardley (1949) defined the area as mostly late Archean undifferentiated granites. This mapping project, the first systematic bedrock study of the area since Lord and Yardley, was able to further subdivide the rock types. The northern part of the area is partially underlain by supracrustal rocks and a number of granitoid suites. In the southern part of the area, the supracrustal rocks and granitoid rocks were further subdivided. Supracrustal rocks in the Wecho River area range from greenschist-grade in the south near Mosher Lake, to granulite-grade in the north in the vicinity of Wecho, Hickey, and Dauphinee lakes. The supracrustal packages have been extensively intruded by late Archean granitoids and offset by crustal scale Proterozoic faults. This digital atlas is managed with ArcView 3.3 software.

Activity Geology
Details Method/Medium Scale of Work
Bedrock Mapping Reconnaissance (>10000)
Activity Lab Work / Physical Properties
Details Method/Medium Scale of Work
Isotopic Age Dating
Activity Sampling
Details Method/Medium Scale of Work
Rock Reconnaissance Sampling

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