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Detailed Reference Report
Cover Information
Megatype Government Scientific Publication; NTGO Publication
Type NWT Open Report
Number 2002-001
Filing/Pub Date 2002-12-11
Release Date
Title Great Slave Reef (GSR) Project Drillhole Database. A compilation of the drillhole locations, drill logs, and associated geochemical data for the Great Slave Reef Joint Venture Project; Interior Platform, NT
Author Turner WA, Pierce KL, Cairns KA
Territory NWT
NTS 085B11; 085B12; 085B13; 085B14
Bounding Box
Latitude min: 60.5
max: 61
Longitude min: -116
max: -115
Geographic Area Pine Point; Hay River; Westmin; Great Slave Lake
Period of Work From To
Target(s) of Exploration Lead;Zinc
Publisher Northwest Territories Geological Survey (formerly Northwest Territories Geoscience Office)
Availablity Distributed by NTGO
Medium Digital File(s) Arcview project and shapefiles, dbf files, pdf files (648 MB in 1193 files)
Miscellaneous Exploration
No Digital Data
Comment The goal of this project was to create a digital compilation of all of the diamond drillholes and associated information collected during the Great Slave Reef (GSR) Project. The GSR Project, which targeted exploration for lead and zinc west of Cominco's Pine Point property boundary, was conducted as a joint venture between Westmin Resources Limited (operator), Du Pont of Canada, and Philipp Brothers. The majority of exploration was carried out between 1975 and 1984. This CD-ROM product is a comprehensive compilation of the locations of approximately 900 drillholes with the associated geochemical data (Excel and dbf) and drill logs (pdf), as well as over 220 scanned cross-sectional and plan view (geochemical and drill collar location) maps (pdf).

Activity Pre-Existing Data
Details Method/Medium Scale of Work
Process or Interpret

Associated Occurrences
085BNW0009 R-190
085BNW0021 DDH 214
085BNW0032 GSR-B7
085BNW0044 GSR-E1
085BNE0029 K-62
085BNW0020 DDH 295
085BNW0007 O-556
085BNW0031 GSR-B6
085BNW0025 GSR-A4
085BNW0034 GSR-B9
085BNW0012 Z-155
085BNW0041 GSR-D1
085BNW0023 GSR-A2
085BNW0008 P-499
085BNW0019 GSR-75-56
085BNW0040 GSR-C5
085BNW0013 O-555
085BNW0042 GSR-D2
085BNW0033 GSR-B8
085BNW0022 GSR-A1
085BNW0024 GSR-A3
085BNW0026 GSR-B1
085BNW0027 GSR-B2
085BNW0010 V-46
085BNW0018 DDH 673
085BNW0038 GSR-C3
085BNW0030 GSR-B5
085BNW0035 GSR-B10
085BNW0046 GSR-E3
085BNW0011 X-25
085BNW0016 W-11
085BNW0014 U-4
085BNW0028 GSR-B3
085BNW0045 GSR-E2
085BNW0047 GSR-E4
085BNW0015 W-19
085BNW0017 Q-231
085BNW0039 GSR-C4
085BNW0036 GSR-C1
085BNW0037 GSR-C2
085BNW0043 GSR-D3
085BNW0029 GSR-B4



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