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Detailed Reference Report
Cover Information
Megatype Mineral Exploration Report
Type Assessment Report
Number 082491
Filing/Pub Date 1987-11-24
Release Date
Title Induced Polarization Survey on the MARLIN Claims, Yellowknife Bay
Author Walcott PE
Owner Golden Marlin Mines Limited
Operator Goldak Exploration Technology
Expenditure 36970.67
Territory NWT
NTS 085J08
Property MARLIN 15-17
Bounding Box
Latitude min: 62.25
max: 62.3833
Longitude min: -114.5
max: -114.3833
Geographic Area Yellowknife Bay
Period of Work From 4/9/1985 0:0:0 To 5/2/1985 0:0:0
Target(s) of Exploration Gold
Publisher Unpublished
Availablity Distributed by NTGO
Medium Scanned Image 1.16 MB in 15 files
Paper Report and Map(s)
Miscellaneous Exploration
Report and Map
No Digital Data
Size 24 p. 3 microfiche; 1 maps
Illustrations Maps: location - survey line locations - 1:10 000. Illustr: i p pseudosections.
Comment An IP survey (dipole-dipole array) was conducted over shear zones interpreted from a previous seismic survey. Anomalous chargeability responses were obtained over two shear zones. Recommended: IP surveying using a pole-dipole array.

Activity Geophysics, Ground
Comment The I.P. data is presented in contour form on individual pseudo-sections bound in the report.
Details Method/Medium Scale of Work
IP / Resistivity Grid/Target-Specific

Associated Occurrences
085JSE0106 YT 2
085JSE0105 YT 1
085JSE0070 Buller Island



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