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Detailed Reference Report
Cover Information
Megatype Mineral Exploration Report
Type Assessment Report
Number 081462
Filing/Pub Date 1981-12-07
Release Date
Title Powergem Resources Corporation, Cameron River Area, Mackenzie
Author Stacey NW
Owner Powergem Resources Corporation
Operator Powergem Resources Corporation
Expenditure 16558
Territory NWT
NTS 085I05; 085I12
Bounding Box
Latitude min: 62.4917
max: 62.5042
Longitude min: -113.5833
max: -113.5333
Geographic Area Cameron River; Mackenzie
Period of Work From 6/2/1981 0:0:0 To 11/30/1981 0:0:0
Target(s) of Exploration Lithium;Niobium (Columbium);Tantalum
Publisher Unpublished
Availablity Distributed by NTGO
Medium Microfiche
Scanned Image 3.93 MB in 13 files
Paper Report and Map(s)
Miscellaneous Exploration
Report and Map
No Digital Data
Size 52 p. 3 microfiche; 5 maps
Illustrations Maps: surficial geology - 4 cm = 100 m; geological - 2 cm = 10 m.
Comment NTS 85-I-5 Centre of claim = 62.29 N 113.35 W Seventy holes were blasted in an area known to have Li-rich pegmatite dykes. Rock chips from the trenches were sampled and sent for assay, yielding Li values of up to 3.00 %. Samples also yielded values of Nb and Ta as high as 130 and 272 ppm, respectively. File contains: 1) An overview of work done including an area map. 2) Descriptions of hand samples taken from trenches. 3) Assay certificates. 4) Maps of geology exposed in trenches. 5) A report detailing the results of metallurgical evaluation studies. Spodumene bearing pegmatitic dykes do exist in the vicinity and are of considerable overall extent and dimensions. However their trend is NW rather than NE. Unfortunately, the dykes occur in an area of extensive muskeg and cover obscuring their continuity, and almost totally obscuring at least one further dyke of likely major significance.

Activity Geology
Details Method/Medium Scale of Work
Bedrock Mapping Grid/Target (1000-10000)
Activity Lab Work / Physical Properties
Details Method/Medium Scale of Work
Metallurgical Tests
Activity Sampling
Details Method/Medium Scale of Work
Rock Trench Sampling
Activity Trenching
Details Method/Medium Scale of Work
Hand/Blast (outcrop) Target

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085ISW0008 Pancho



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