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Detailed Reference Report
Cover Information
Megatype Mineral Exploration Report
Type Assessment Report
Number 060418
Filing/Pub Date 1970-01-15
Release Date 1973-01-15
Title Trans-canada Resources Limited, Ingray Lake Area, Mackenzie
Author Baird, J G; Steele, J P
Operator Seigel Assocs L; Trans-canada Res L
Expenditure 1668
Territory NWT
NTS 086C07; 086C08
Property TC
Bounding Box
Latitude min: 64.2667
max: 64.2833
Longitude min: -116.5833
max: -116.4792
Geographic Area Ingray Lake; Mackenzie
Period of Work From 10/1/1969 0:0:0 To 10/31/1969 0:0:0
Target(s) of Exploration Metals;Uranium
Publisher Unpublished
Availablity Distributed by NTGO
Medium Paper Report and Map(s)
Scanned Image 4.03 MB in 5 files
Miscellaneous Exploration
Report and Map
No Digital Data
Size 1 microfiche; 2 maps
Illustrations Maps: geophysical - electromagnetic, airborne - 1:12 000; geophysical - magnetic, airborne - 1:253 440.
Comment Helicopter-borne electromagnetic surveys have been carried out over the property. A strong magnetic feature is predominant in the center of the area, however no anomalous electromagnetic responses were obtained. The area lies within the boundaries of the Canadian shield. No detailed geological information on this area is available.

Activity Geophysics, Airborne
Comment A strong magnetic anomaly was detected as a result of the 3 mi2 airborne magnetic and electromagnetic surveys flown over the TC claim group. There was no associated anomalous electromagnetic response.
Details Method/Medium Scale of Work
EM Single-Frequency Reconnaissance
Magnetics Reconnaissance

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