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Cover Information
Megatype Mineral Exploration Report
Type Assessment Report
Number 019530
Filing/Pub Date 1967-12-01
Release Date 1970-12-01
Title Territorial Expeditors Limited, La Belle Peninsula Area, Mackenzie
Author Steiner R
Owner Territorial Expeditors Limited
Operator Territorial Expeditors Limited
Territory NWT
NTS 075E13; 075L03; 075L06
Property CC; FF; BB; ED; TEL
Bounding Box
Latitude min: 62.2667
max: 62.3
Longitude min: -111.3333
max: -111.2667
Geographic Area Labelle Peninsula; Basile Bay; East Arm; Opener Island; Great Slave Lake
Period of Work From 8/1/1967 0:0:0 To 9/30/1967 0:0:0
Target(s) of Exploration Cobalt;Copper;Gold;Nickel;Uranium
Publisher Unpublished
Availablity Distributed by NTGO
Medium Microfiche 1 sheet
Paper Report
Scanned Image 52.6 MB in 5 files. Reports as TIF or PDF.
Miscellaneous Exploration
No Digital Data
Size 1 microfiche; 3 maps
Illustrations Maps: geophysical - radiometric; geological; geochemical.
Comment This report includes Certificates of Assay for samples taken on the CC and FF properties in NTS area 75L/6, the BB property in NTS area 75L/3 and the TEL property in NTS area 75E/13. The CC claims on the Labelle Peninsula, were staked in 1967 and acquired by Territorial Expeditors. About 12 historic trenches were found in one area. Sampling, scintillometer reconnaissance work, and a limited amount of trenching was done. A surface sample from trench A assayed 0.16 oz gold per ton, 1.1 oz silver per ton, 2.25% U3O8 and 1.93% cobalt. This trench was later deepened and samples assayed up to 5.83% nickel and 7% uranium oxide. One sample assayed 12.19% cobalt and 2.62% nickel. This showing is four inches wide, strikes northwest and dips steeply southeast. Several radioactive occurrences were found on the FF property. One showing produced an assay of 2.25% U3O8. A sample taken in 1967 for R. Steiner of Territorial Expeditors Ltd. assayed 0.2% U3O8. The BB claims and adjoining ED claims (on an island in Basile Bay) were staked in NTS area 75L/3. The report clarifies that the BH claims (southeast of the ED claims) cover the showings on Campbell Island. Zone 2 on the BB property is an 18-inch to 2-foot-wide chalcopyrite-bearing vein that can be traced for at least 500 feet and is open along strike. Samples from this zone assayed up to 9.96% copper. A sample from the BB#5 claim assayed 2.74% copper. A 10-foot-long drillhole tested an extension of this showing on the ED claims. All the core contained chalcopyrite. Certificates of analysis are given for samples taken on the TEL claims (NTS area 75E/13). A surface grab sample assayed as high as 0.05% U3O8.

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075LSW0027 GM
075LSW0033 BELL
075ENW0014 TEL



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