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Megatype Mineral Exploration Report
Type Assessment Report
Number 061417
Filing/Pub Date 1976-04-08
Release Date 1979-04-08
Title Airborne Geophysics, Lake Sediment and Ground Radiometrics
Author Reid DF
Operator Uranerz Exploration and Mining Ltd
Territory NWT; Nunavut
NTS 085N05; 085N06; 086C01; 086C02; 086C03; 086C04; 086C05; 086C06; 086C07; 086C08; 086C09; 086C10; 086C11; 086C12; 086C13; 086C14; 086C15; 086C16; 086D01; 086D02; 086D03; 086D04; 086D05; 086D06; 086D07; 086D08; 086D09; 086D10; 086D11; 086D12; 086D13; 086D14; 086D15; 086D16; 086E01; 086E02; 086E03; 086E04; 086E05; 086E06; 086E07; 086E08; 086E09; 086E10; 086E11; 086E12; 086E13; 086E14; 086E15; 086E16; 086F01; 086F02; 086F03; 086F04; 086F05; 086F06; 086F07; 086F08; 086F09; 086F10; 086F11; 086F12; 086F13; 086F14; 086F15; 086F16; 086G01; 086G02; 086G03; 086G04; 086G05; 086G06; 086G07; 086G08; 086G09; 086G10; 086G11; 086G12; 086G13; 086G14; 086G15; 086G16; 086H01; 086H02; 086H03; 086H04; 086H05; 086H06; 086H07; 086H08; 086H09; 086H10; 086H11; 086H12; 086H13; 086H14; 086H15; 086H16; 086I01; 086I02; 086I03; 086I04; 086I05; 086I06; 086I07; 086I08; 086I09; 086I10; 086I11; 086I12; 086I13; 086I14; 086I15; 086I16; 086K01; 086K02; 086K03; 086K04; 086K05; 086K06; 086K07; 086K08; 086K09; 086K10; 086K11; 086K12; 086K13; 086K14; 086K15; 086K16; 086L01; 086L02; 086L03; 086L04; 086L05; 086L06; 086L07; 086L08; 086L09; 086L10; 086L11; 086L12; 086L13; 086L14; 086L15; 086L16; 086P01; 086P02; 086P03; 086P04; 086P05; 086P06; 086P07; 086P08; 086P09; 086P10; 086P11; 086P12; 086P13; 086P14; 086P15; 086P16
Bounding Box
Latitude min: 63.5
max: 67.1667
Longitude min: -118.1667
max: -112.3333
Geographic Area Bear Structural Province; Mackenzie
Period of Work From 5/29/1975 0:0:0 To 7/31/1975 0:0:0
Target(s) of Exploration Copper;Uranium
Publisher Unpublished
Availablity Distributed by NTGO
Medium Microfiche
Scanned Image 212 MB in 44 files. Reports as TIF and PDF. Maps as TIF.
Paper 1 Report and 30 Maps
Miscellaneous Exploration
Report and Map
No Digital Data
Size 12 microfiche; 3 maps
Illustrations Maps: geophysical - magnetic, airborne; geophysical - radiometric, ground; geophysical - radiometric, airborne.
Comment This report is a summary of the work done by Uranerz Exploration during the summer of 1975. Uranerz completed airborne spectrometer and magnetometer, lake water and lake sediment geochemistry and ground radiometric surveys over several blocks in a large area. These were named Inulik Lake, Red Rock, Snare #1, Snare #2A, Snare #2B, Conjuror Bay, Self Lake, Yanik Lake, Hottah Lake, Snare #3, Snare #4A and Snare #4B. Time constrictions precluded a thorough exploration of the Redrock and Inulik Lake regions but reconnaissance surveys were done on the remaining areas. The target was uranium and prospective lithologies included a variety of Proterozoic aged sediments in the Great Bear area as well as some Paleozoic sediments to the west and Archean/Proterozoic gneisses in the east. Claims were staked at Hailstone Lake (086C/15; JONES claims on area Snare #3) and at Conjuror Bay (086E/16 and 086F/13; BERNI claims). The JONES Group covers areas containing 0.11% U3O8 and Cu values. BERNI Group samples assayed up to 1.23% U3O8. Airborne spectrographic and magnetometer surveys were completed with a Cessna 337 fixed wing aircraft. Flight lines were roughly at a quarter mile and flown at 200 feet altitude (60 metres). A total of 8827 miles or 14,203 kilometres were flown. Anomalies from the airborne survey were covered with reconnaissance prospecting traverses at a 1:31,680 scale and ground radiometric surveys were also done, although no further details are provided in the report. Lake bottom and lake water geochemical samples were collected at most of the areas (total of 364 lake bottom and 212 lake water samples taken). Analyses are plotted on maps. Grab samples were taken (presumably from the ground follow up traverses) at Snare #1, Port Radium, Conjuror Bay, Yanik Lake and Snare #3 areas and results are provided.

Activity Geophysics, Airborne
Details Method/Medium Scale of Work
Magnetics Reconnaissance
Radiometrics Reconnaissance
Activity Geophysics, Ground
Details Method/Medium Scale of Work
Activity Lab Work / Physical Properties
Details Method/Medium Scale of Work
Activity Sampling
Comment 52 ground investigations were undertaken which included rock sampling. In several cases yellow uranium mineralization was reported.;364 lake bottom sediment samples were taken over a huge area.
Details Method/Medium Scale of Work
Sediment Stream/Esker Sampling
Rock Grid/Target/Local Sampling
Water Reconnaissance Sampling

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