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Cover Information
Megatype Mineral Exploration Report
Type Assessment Report
Number 083313
Filing/Pub Date 1994-06-27
Release Date 1997-06-27
Title 1994 Geochemical, Geophysical and Drill Hole Report
Author Carlson JA
Owner BHP Minerals Canada Ltd
Operator BHP Minerals Canada Ltd
Expenditure 7689150.25
Territory NWT
NTS 076C03; 076C04; 076C05; 076C06; 076C12; 076D09; 076D10; 076D11; 076D14; 076D15; 076D16
Property A, B, C, D, E, F, M, T, W, AM, ED, FH, GO claims
Bounding Box
Latitude min: 64.0333
max: 64.8667
Longitude min: -111.2833
max: -109.5
Geographic Area Lac de Gras; Mackenzie
Period of Work From 6/1/1993 0:0:0 To 5/31/1994 0:0:0
Target(s) of Exploration Diamond
Publisher Unpublished
Availablity Distributed by NTGO
Medium Paper Report and Map(s)
Scanned Image 186 MB in 166 files
Miscellaneous Exploration
Report and Map
No Digital Data
Size 49 p. 2 microfiche
Comment Diamond exploration included till geochemistry, SEM analyses of 4003 samples, sodium analyses of 1088 eclogitic garnets and 11,512 km of airborne geophysics. Ground magnetic and EM surveys are reported over 34 grids. Eight diamond drill holes totalling 2,151 m tested anomalies; seven intersected kimberlites.

Activity Air Photography
Comment Aerial photographic surveys were completed over the claim blocks.
Details Method/Medium Scale of Work
N/A Photography Commissioned
Activity Drilling
Comment Twenty-nine holes of HQ and NQ core, totalling 6448 m were drilled between April 11 and September 23, 1993. Only 8 holes totalling 2151 m are included as representation work for this report. Drilling was done by JT Thomas Drilling Ltd of Smithers, BC. On completion of drilling core was moved to a storage unit north of Kelowna, BC.
Details Method/Medium Scale of Work
Diamond Drill Surface Exploration
Activity Geology
Details Method/Medium Scale of Work
Bedrock Mapping Core Logging
Activity Geophysics, Airborne
Comment Two DIGHEM airborne geophysical surveys were flown in June and July 1993 over properties located near Exeter Lake and Thonokeid Lake for the purpose of detecting kimberlitic sources. Survey coverage consisted of approximately 11,512 line km, including tie lines. Flight lines were flown an azimuthal direction of 90 degrees with a line of separation of 125 m.
Details Method/Medium Scale of Work
EM Calculated Resistivity Reconnaissance
EM (Electromagnetic) Reconnaissance
EM VLF Reconnaissance
Magnetics Reconnaissance
Activity Geophysics, Ground
Comment This report states that approximately 50 geophysical grids were surveyed on the main claim block, 34 were included in this report for the filing of representational costs. Ground geophysical surveys were conducted to determine the possible presence, extent and location of kimberlite pipes on the survey grids. The total field magnetic survey was carried out using a GEM Systems GSM-19 Overhauser effect proton precession magnetometer. One unit was used as a base station and the other in the field. Measurements were taken every 12.5 m along survey lines. The horizontal loop EM survey utilized an Apex Parametric model I-9 survey instrument. Coil separations of 50 m, 100 m and 200 m were used. A variety of different frequencies and coil separation combinations were used.
Details Method/Medium Scale of Work
EM FD phase, mobile tx: Horizontal Loop Grid/Target-Specific
Magnetic Total Field Grid/Target-Specific
Activity Lab Work / Physical Properties
Comment A heavy mineral concentrate is required to evaluate exploration samples for associated kimberlitic minerals. Samples are washed and sieved and subjected to a 2 stage heavy liquid separation, magnetic separation and binocular microscope extraction of potential indicator minerals. For each sample, indicator minerals were separated and mounted. All mounts were polished and carbon-coated. The prepared mounts were analyzed by a Scanning Electron Microscope for up to 13 oxide elements. 41,751 thirteen element SEM analyses of indicator minerals were completed on 4,003 samples.
Details Method/Medium Scale of Work
Grain Separation (mag/grav/visual)
Electron Microscope
Activity Sampling
Comment Samples were collected from glacial till and eskers and sieved to yield approximately 10 kg of sample. Where possible samples were collected along north-south lines that coincided with claim boundaries at 450 m intervals. Samples were flown to Yellowknife and then trucked to CF Mineral Research Ltd. laboratories in Kelowna, BC for analysis.
Details Method/Medium Scale of Work
Sediment, Glacial/Till Reconnaissance Sampling

Associated Occurrences
076DNE0042 BHP 96-15
076DNE0032 95-04
076DNE0031 95-02
076DNE0024 Ekati - Misery
076DNE0026 Kaska
076DNE0043 BHP 94-12 (Flying V)
076DNE0034 95-09
076DNE0037 95-19
076DNE0033 95-05
076DNE0036 95-12
076DNE0030 95-01
076DNE0035 BHP 96-1
076DNE0038 95-21
076DNW0002 Porpoise
076DNE0052 Ekati - Jay
076DNE0020 Ekati - Fox Pipe
076DNE0039 95-23
076DNE0040 95-24
076DNE0041 BHP 96-5
076DNE0027 Falcon
076DNE0025 Caribou
076DNE0029 Wombat



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