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Megatype Government Scientific Publication; NTGO Publication
Type NWT Open Report
Number 2016-002
Filing/Pub Date 2016-04-06
Release Date 2016-04-06
Title Mineral Showings, Petroleum Wells and Generalized Geology of the Sahtu Settlement Area
Author Irwin D
Territory NWT
NTS 096I03; 096I04; 096I08; 096I09; 096I11; 096I12; 096I13; 096I14; 096I15; 096I16; 096J01; 096J02; 096J03; 096J04; 096J05; 096J06; 096J07; 096J08; 096J09; 096J10; 096J11; 096J12; 096J13; 096J14; 096J15; 096J16; 096K01; 096K02; 096K03; 096K04; 096K05; 096K06; 096K07; 096K08; 096K09; 096K10; 096K11; 096K12; 096K13; 096K14; 096K15; 096K16; 096L01; 096L02; 096L03; 096L04; 096L05; 096L06; 096L07; 096L08; 096L09; 096L10; 096L11; 096L12; 096L13; 096L14; 096L15; 096L16; 096M01; 096M02; 096M03; 096M04; 096M05; 096M06; 096M07; 096M08; 096M09; 096M10; 096M11; 096M12; 096M13; 096M14; 096M15; 096M16; 096N01; 096N02; 096N03; 096N04; 096N05; 096N06; 096N07; 096N08; 096N09; 096N10; 096N11; 096N12; 096N13; 096N14; 096N15; 096N16; 096O01; 096O02; 096O03; 096O04; 096O05; 096O06; 096O07; 096O08; 096O09; 096O10; 096O11; 096O12; 096O13; 096O14; 096O15; 096O16; 096P01; 096P02; 096P03; 096P04; 096P05; 096P06; 096P07; 096P08; 096P09; 096P10; 096P11; 096P12; 096P13; 096P14; 096P15; 096P16; 106P04; 106P05; 106P06; 106P07; 106P08; 106P09; 106P10; 106P11; 106P12; 106P13; 106P14; 106P15; 106P16
Bounding Box
Latitude min: 62
max: 68
Longitude min: -132
max: -116
Geographic Area Sahtu, Mackenzie Mountains, Mackenzie Plain, Mackenzie River, Great Bear Lake, Tulita, Norman Wells, Fort Good Hope, Colville Lake, Deline
Period of Work From To
Target(s) of Exploration None/Any
Publisher Northwest Territories Geological Survey (formerly Northwest Territories Geoscience Office)
Availablity Distributed by NTGO
Medium Paper 1 poster in Adobe® PDF format
Miscellaneous Research
No Digital Data
Comment Compilation map showing general rock units, mineral showings and petroleum wells drilled in the Sahtu Settlement Area. Information compiled from various sources including Geological Survey, National Energy Board and the NORMIN Database of Mineral Showings. Place Keywords: Sahtu Settlement Area, Western NWT, Mackenzie Mountains, Mackenzie Plain, Mackenzie River, Great Bear Lake, Tulita, Norman Wells, Fort Good Hope, Colville Lake, Deline Parts of 86D, E, F, K ,M and N; All of 86L; Parts of 96A and B; All of 96C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O and P; Parts of 95L and N; All of 95M; Parts of 105 I, O and P; Parts of 106B, G, J, O and P; All of 106A, H and I.


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