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Megatype Government Scientific Publication; NTGO Publication
Type NWT Open File
Number 2015-06
Filing/Pub Date 2016-02-23
Release Date
Title The concentration of arsenic in lake waters of the Yellowknife area
Author Palmer, M.J., Galloway, J.M., Jamieson, H.E., Patterson, R.T., Falck, H., and Kokelj, S.V.
Territory NWT
NTS 085I05; 085I12; 085J07; 085J08; 085J09; 085J10
Bounding Box
Latitude min: 62.183
max: 62.725
Longitude min: -114.95
max: -113.75
Geographic Area Yellowknife; Giant Mine
Period of Work From To
Target(s) of Exploration
Publisher Northwest Territories Geological Survey (formerly Northwest Territories Geoscience Office)
Availablity Distributed by NTGO
Medium Paper 25 page report
Digital File(s) 12.6 MB as PDF, XLSX and KMZ
Miscellaneous Research
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Comment Ninety-eight lakes were sampled within a 30 km radius of the City of Yellowknife to document elemental concentrations in surface waters in an area exposed to 50 years of emissions from gold ore processing. Concentrations of As, Sb, and SO4 are elevated in lakes within 17.5 km of Giant Mine relative to lakes beyond this distance. Arsenic concentrations were highest in small lakes (< 100 ha) that were downwind and proximal to the historic stacks, suggesting a gradient in impact from historic roaster operations at Giant Mine consistent with the predominant wind direction in the region. Concentrations of As exceeded the federal drinking water guideline of 10 g/L for many of the lakes sampled within 12 km of the roaster stacks, and in some lakes were more than 60 times this limit. This study provides an extensive survey of elemental concentrations in regional lakes surrounding the City of Yellowknife and should be supported by future work to investigate drivers of variation in As concentration in surface waters, interannual variability in water chemistry, and the long-term fate of As and other elements of potential concern in these lakes. Keywords: Yellowknife, Giant Mine, arsenic, water chemistry, lakes Activities: water sampling, contaminant analysis

Activity Sampling
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