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Megatype NTGO Publication
Type NWT Special Volume
Number 1
Filing/Pub Date 2012-01-17
Release Date 2012-01-17
Title Geology of the central Mackenzie Mountains of the northern Canadian Cordillera, Sekwi Mountain (105P), Mount Eduni (106A), and northwestern Wrigley (95M) Lake map-areas, Northwest Territories
Author Martel E, Turner EC, Fischer BJ
Territory NWT
NTS 095M11; 095M12; 095M13; 095M14; 105P01; 105P02; 105P03; 105P04; 105P05; 105P06; 105P07; 105P08; 105P09; 105P10; 105P11; 105P12; 105P13; 105P14; 105P15; 105P16; 106A01; 106A02; 106A03; 106A04; 106A05; 106A06; 106A07; 106A08; 106A09; 106A10; 106A11; 106A12; 106A13; 106A14; 106A15; 106A16
Bounding Box
Latitude min: 63
max: 65
Longitude min: -130
max: -127
Geographic Area Mackenzie Mountains; Godlin Lakes; Palmer L; Shale L; McClure L; Keele R; Mountain R; Twitya R
Period of Work From 1/1/2005 0:0:0 To 12/31/2008 0:0:0
Target(s) of Exploration
Availablity Distributed by NTGO
Medium Paper 1 bound volume 423 pages
Digital File(s) 118 MB in 3 files. 1 document for printing as PDF (2 files) and 1 document for viewing as PDF (1 file).
Miscellaneous Research
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Comment Late Proterozoic to Cretaceous, mostly unmetamorphosed sedimentary rocks underlie most of the Sekwi Mountain (NTS 105P), Mount Eduni (NTS 106A), and northwestern Wrigley Lake (NTS 95M) map-areas. This work describes the stratigraphic succession as nine assemblages, each of which corresponds to a distinct depositional environment and/or tectonic regime. Late Cretaceous-Tertiary orogeny created an arcuate belt of NE-verging folds and thrust faults. Volcanic rocks are a minor component of the Late Proterozoic and Ordovician parts of the succession, and in mid-Cretaceous time, small subalkaline plutons intruded along the axis of the orogen. Numerous showings of a number of different deposit types are known. Hydrocarbon potential is probably low. The nine assemblages are:Early Neoproterozoic epicratonic basin; Middle Neoproterozoic volcanic succession; Middle to Late Neoproterozoic extension and rift-related successions; Lower to Middle Paleozoic Mackenzie Platform; Lower to Middle Paleozoic Selwyn Basin and Misty Creek Embayment; Middle Paleozoic siliciclastic basin; Upper Paleozoic siliciclastic/carbonate shelf; Late Permian chert basin, and Mesozoic foreland basin. Keywords Geology, bedrock map, Mackenzie Mountains, stratigraphy, geochronology, Plateau fault, hydrocarbon potential, carbonate-hosted Zn-Pb, MVT, Kupfeschiefer, copper belt, mineralization, minerals, showings, mineral occurrences, mineral deposits, Mackenzie Platform, Selwyn Basin, diatreme, structural cross-section, stratigraphic section, paleontological data, Total Organic Carbon, Cretaceous plutonism, Mesozoic-Tertiary deformation , geochronology, Plateau fault, hydrocarbon, carbonate-hosted, MVT, Kupferscheifer, mineralization, minerals, showings, occurrences, zinc, lead, copper, emerald, gold, tungsten, barite, structural, deformation, stratigraphic, stratigraphy, plutonism, plutonic, pluton, volcanism, volcanic, paleontology, paleontological

Activity Geology
Details Method/Medium Scale of Work
Metamorphic/Igneous Studies Grid/Target (1000-10000)
Stratigraphy Very Detailed Surface (1-100)
Structural Reconnaissance (>10000)
Stratigraphy Reconnaissance (>10000)
Bedrock Mapping Reconnaissance (>10000)
Paleontology Reconnaissance (>10000)
Activity Lab Work / Physical Properties
Details Method/Medium Scale of Work
Isotopic Age Dating
Total Organic Carbon Analysis
Optical Microscopy, Petrographic
Whole Rock Major Element Oxide Analyses
Kerogen Evaluation Pyrolysis
Activity Pre-Existing Data
Details Method/Medium Scale of Work
Research and Summarize Geology
Process or Interpret Geology
Activity Sampling
Details Method/Medium Scale of Work
Rock Stratigraphic Sampling
Rock Reconnaissance Sampling

Associated Occurrences
105PNE0022 NITE
105PNE0046 Sekwi
105PNW0001 KEG
105PNW0003 TAP-2
105PNW0006 TEE-1
105PNW0010 Rain Zone 1
105PNW0021 ARN-6
106ASE0012 Tet-Rap Showing C
106ASW0002 Bear-Twit
106ASW0005 Esau's Fault
095MNW0036 Hutch East
095MNW0043 Hutch East 2
105PNE0038 CAL
105PNE0043 SCAT-7
105PNE0044 Coppercap 2
105PNW0002 TAP-1
105PNW0012 Rain Zone 3
105PNW0040 Emily-3
105PNW0047 Road River 1
105PSW0027 Keele
106ANW0020 JAN No.1
106ASE0016 TOAD
106ASW0008 Cirque
105PNE0025 Day-Noon
105PNE0045 Twitya 2
105PNE0049 HA1110
105PNW0015 LAN-1
105PNW0017 ALFA
105PNW0020 ICE-9
105PNW0043 TAP-3
106ANW0022 Yellow Dolo
106ASW0004 JUDE
106ASW0019 PALM Main
106ASW0020 Mountain River Beryl
106ASW0024 Tepee
095MNW0041 Little Dal 3
105PNE0042 REEF-1
105PNW0008 Snow Zone 2
105PNW0016 KEV
105PNW0018 ART-EKWI No.1
105PNW0034 DEE-3
105PSE0024 DAR
106ASE0014 Tet-Rap Showing A
106ASE0019 Little Dal 1
106ASE0020 Hume
106ASW0023 River Boulder
095MNW0013 Scholtes 3
095MNW0037 Lisa
095MNW0038 June Creek
095MNW0044 Thundercloud
105PNE0037 ZEE
105PNE0047 WAC
105PNE0048 Bari
105PNW0004 DEE-1
105PNW0036 SCAT-5
105PNW0037 Wise
105PNW0048 Road River 2
106ASE0015 VIC
106ASE0021 Coppercap 1
106ASW0003 PALM East
106ASW0025 Bear Rock
105PNE0039 REEF-3
105PNE0040 BA
105PNW0011 Rain Zone 2
105PNW0014 DICK-3
105PNW0033 OS-DA
105PNW0038 Anita
105PNW0039 ARN-1
105PNW0044 TAP-4
105PNW0045 SCAT-3
105PSE0025 Majesty
106ANW0021 JAN No.2
095MNW0001 Jay
095MNW0040 Coppercap 3
095MNW0045 CC
105PNE0041 REEF-2
105PNW0013 DICK-1
105PNW0019 ART-EKWI No.2,3,4
105PNW0046 SCAT-10
106ASE0011 Tet-Rap Showing B
106ASE0013 RML 3
106ASW0006 PALM West
106ASW0021 Twitya
106ASW0022 Sheepbed
095MNW0031 Scholtes 4
095MNW0039 Little Dal 2
095MNW0042 Delorme
105PNW0007 LIN-1
105PNW0009 Snow Zone 1
105PNW0041 Emily-5
105PNW0042 ICE-6
105PSW0028 Horseshoe
106ASW0007 REV Main Show
106ASW0009 Waterfall



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